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Saw Palmetto Hair Loss: Does it Really Work?

Tuesday, February 21st 2012. | Hair Care

Saw palmetto hair loss is a remedy for hair loss, from the natural treatment called saw palmetto. This is the plant that is from North America, and mostly used by the natives to cure hormonal diseases. However, the researcher later found that saw palmetto can also be the solution of hair loss. That is why it has become one of hair loss products named saw palmetto hair loss. From the scientific view, there is still no explanation why saw palmetto can block the enzymes caused hair loss. Yet, the result of saw palmetto hair loss is perfectly proven.


Saw Palmetto Hair Loss for Thinning Hair

Saw palmetto hair lossSaw palmetto hair loss is the right treatment and cure for thinning hair that is why later it is also known as saw palmetto for thinning hair. This product is known as the best remedy for baldness and thinning hair problem that usually occur at the top of the head or around the temple due to the slowing work of hormones caused by older age. Saw palmetto hair loss will be the best solution for the senior who suffer the same problem.


Saw Palmetto Hair Loss: Side Effects

Like any other hair loss products, saw palmetto hair loss also has the side effects that may be dangerous. Saw palmetto side effects include stomachache, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and bad breath. However, there are bigger consequences of saw palmetto hair loss’s side effects; they are liver inflammation, pancreatitis, jaundice, insomnia, depression, breathing difficulties, muscle pain, and many more.

Yet, in spite of that, there is what’s called as saw palmetto benefits. As stated before, saw palmetto hair loss is somewhat useful when it comes to unhealthy hair. Saw palmetto hair loss can stop baldness from progressing. This statement is proclaimed thorough some trusted researches of saw palmetto hair loss.

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