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How to do A Smokey Eye

Tuesday, March 6th 2012. | Makeup Tips

How to do a Smokey eye is a part of many ways to keep the beauty of women. Women are loved to share about some things they have. They have a beauty inside their soul, so they would love to share about it. This is an innate of the women that they love to share anything they have. To keep the beauty of them in order to be shared to others, they have to do some treatments in applying it. One of the methods is doing a Smokey eye to keep their looking is always good.

How to do A Smokey Eye is easy for you, especially for the women who love to take care about their selves by their serves also, or we can call it independent. The problem is appearing when the woman’s eyes are brown. There must be some special treatments to apply Smokey eye into the eyes. Doing Smokey eye for brown eyes is almost similar with the steps for blue eyes, but it takes a little bit difficult in implementing it. Here are some steps to guide you implementing a Smokey eye for your beautiful brown eyes.


How to do a Smokey eye; Steps to do smoke eye

How to do A Smokey EyeFirst step you have to do in practicing how to do a smokey eye into your eyes is preparing lid to keep the eye shadow melting into your eyelid crease. Second step is applying the eyeliner in grey color above the upper lash line and drawing line thicker in the middle of eye. Then, third step is blending in the color on bottom lashes. The next step to do Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes is applying light base color again or pairing a lighter base with the darker hue. The last step of it is blending the darker color with the grey color before, but keeps it below the crease.


How to do a Smokey eye; Tips to take care of doing Smokey eye

Actually, doing Smokey eye is not very difficult to do. Similar with the implementing of it, the treatments is only not very difficult to do. First tip in keeping the Smokey eye makeup always remember to keep the lips nude. Then, second step is you have to try blue or purple mascara in order to make your eyes “pop.” Those are the makeup tips to keep your Smokey eye are good. As a great woman, this kind of great action must be done in order to keep your beauty. That’s all about makeup tips, How to do a Smokey eye.

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