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Red hair dye: fun and funky!

Sunday, March 18th 2012. | Hair Care

Having a red hair dye is something fun and funky that you can have. You will want the new look that will make you more outgoing and mysterious at the same time. Red hair dye can work well on many people, but only some that can pull it best.

Red Hair Dye: The Range

Red hair dye is a good choice of hair color because red itself have a broad range shades. There are deep shimmering mahogany to the elegant medium copper auburn, while there is also light strawberry blonde, red velvet hair dye, and some other choices. Red hair dye can be placed as only highlights for your hair or you can also use it on the full-head application, which will give the view of sexier and more mysterious.


Red Hair Dye: How to Get It

red hair dyeIn order to get a nice red hair dye, your hair should be pre-lightened if your hair is anywhere from the level 6 or darker, so that you can get a nice bright red hair. If you are not sure of your hair color levels, you can use this as a measurement. Level 1 is black, while level 10 to 12 are yellow blonde to very pale blonde. Get it safely with natural hair care by using best hair dye brand; you might need to get help from some hairdresser or someone who can do it safely for you, because it is going to be a lot of works, especially if you have to pre-lighten your hair first.

For example, if you are a level one black hair, you will need to use the permanent hair color remover, because this will be able to lift the color for 1-2 levels. After using this permanent color remover, you should do the pre-lightening to your hair first, and this will consist of equal parts shampoo, bleach, and 20 or 30 volume of peroxide developer. You can mix these up and use it on your hair.

Another color from blonde hair dye, teal hair dye, or brown hair dye will have other ways to do, but let’s say it once again; red hair dye is one great option for you. Enjoy yourself in the making of having a sexy and mysterious red hair dye!

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