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Hair Donation 6 Inches for Charity

Sunday, April 29th 2012. | Hair Care

When you have a long hair and you want to cut it, you can do hair donation 6 inches where the minimum long is 6 inches.  However, some of the companies are asking for more inches than that.  When you want to know how to donate your hair, you need to read this one.


Hair donation 6 inches: The steps

There are three steps that you need to trough when you want to do hair donation 6 inches, the first is you have to choose the charity that you want to donate your hair to.  There are some reasons for people who are donating their hair such as for wigs, they do not want to throw their hair or even they can donate it for the cancer patients.   You will need to ask the company where you will donate your hair what will they do with their hair. The second step is that you need to make sure that you hair will be long enough for donation, where the minimum inches is six but it can be more. You will also need to know that the charities will not take the damage hair. Alternatively, when you want to take natural hair care for you damage hair, you can try to buy other hair treatment products that are offering you with natural ingredients.  In addition, the last step is that cut the hair, you can cut in it the salon where sometimes they will do it free for you because you donate the hair. They will measure the hair for you and when you have curly hair, you will need to straighten them first.

hair donation 6 inches

Hair donation 6 inches:  healthy hair

For you who have damage hair and still want to do hair donation 6 inches for charity, you can try to get some treatment right away. You can try some hair products that you can try such as tresemme dry shampoo. Trough the tresemme dry shampoo reviews, you will know that it will be able to clean your hair, safe and easily to apply. For you who are busy enough, you can try it where it will also able to bring good result. This products is mostly used in the home, salons or even for traveling where they will give your professional treatment but affordable. When you try on hair color for your hair, make sure, before you do hair donation 6 inches, you turn the color back to the original color.

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