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Try on Hair Color Using Natural Hair Color

Sunday, April 29th 2012. | Hair Care

Try on hair color can be your option when you bored with your hair color or you got hair damage and want to change the color and coloring it to cover the damages. You can try some natural hair colors that will keep your healthy hair.


Try on hair color: natural hair color

You can try on hair color using henna where it is popular as a natural hair color, but when you are only using henna, it might be give you a very red color. You will need to mix it with other natural ingredients that will be able to give different shade of color and give you natural hair care. When you want to try on hair color in the salon, you will find so many hair colors that are containing some chemical such as resorcinol and ammonia that will be bad for your hair and your healthy. You can try to use henna and indigo dyes that will give you the color that you want. You even can mix them with some acidic such as lemon juice or even apple cider vinegar where it will be able to make your hair look shiner and healthier.

Try on Hair Color

Try on hair color: choose the right color

when you don’t want to try on hair color, If you have long hair you can do  hair donation 6 inches to those who needed, such as cancer  patients who are losing their  hair, so you can donate  your hair  to them  to be used as wig.  While when you just want to change your hair color, you can try to choose the right color for you by trying some wigs that have different colors, to know which color that will be suitable for your new hair color. You will also need to keep in your mind that you have to consider your skin tone and eye color.  However, when you only want to have different color in some range of your hair, you can color some shade of your hair. When you want to have different hair color for prom and want to looks gorgeous in your prom dresses under 100 dollars, you can ask some expert to help you to try on hair color.

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