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Hair Straightening Treatment to Get the Straight Hair

Thursday, May 17th 2012. | Hair Care

Some of women  who are  struggling with their  curly hair ,  they try so many hair straightening treatment to be able to get  the  straight  hair for them. There are so many treatments  that  you can  do, from the simple until the latest  treatment.

With so many hair straightening products out there that you can choose such as keratin complex smoothing therapy, Brazilian keratin treatment, Brazilian  hair straightening and many more,  the popular  straightener nowadays is keratin hair straightening   based  from the protein where actually  the protein  can be found in your hair that will help you to rapier your damage hair. The keratin will be mixed with formaldehyde will need to be applied on the hair and sealed with flat iron. You will need 90 minute or more to get the hair straightening treatment whether  is usually  last for 2, 5 months and the price will be varied,  but after taking the treatment, you will not allowed to wash your hair for three of four days because the treatment  is taking time to work.

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While the Japanese hair straightening treatment, offers so many brands such as temal reconditioning, magic straight, bionic straightening and many more. You will be able  to get permanent straight  hair  where I t can last for 6 months  and you will need to retouching your hair again because f the hair growth. However, the Japanese straightening   will be not suitable for the African hair, damaged hair, hair that easily thinning and falling out. It will cost more where it depends  on the process. It will need  4-6 hours to do the process. Because it is so expensive , you can try to know the  details of the Japanese hair  straightening treatment, about what  they offer and  know about the process.

japanese hair straightening treatment

While for you who want  to do the home  hair straightening treatment by yourself, you can choose from some products, one of it is  Bumble and Bumble Concen-straight Smoothing Treatment, where you will need 30 minute  for  the process. Next, is Ojon Super Sleek Hair Smoothing Treatment is one of   the effective treatments  and it is suitable for medium to tight curls and wavy curls. While for the shampoo hair straightening treatment, John Frieda Frizz-Ease 3-Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray,  offers you with non permanent change for your hair texture

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