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Organic Sunscreen For Your Skin

Monday, May 28th 2012. | Skin Care

Using organic sunscreen is a must when you plan to go to the beach. Going to the beach is a tradition that almost everyone would do in the summer time. Having fun in the sands and in the water are some activities that you can do. One thing that people must remember that when they go to the beach is to always wears sunscreen. People must know that going to the beach on hot days without using sunscreen can be dangerous for their skin and for the whole body. Therefore it is important for people to always use sunscreen when they go.

There are two types of sunscreens that people can get in markets these days; they are non organic and organic sunscreen. Both type of sunscreen has SPF which will protect your skin from the invisible rays of the sun. The higher the number of SPF the more protection the lotion offers. Now what makes the non organic and organic sunscreen different is the ingredient or the chemicals inside it. Non organic lotions usually contain chemical base inside the lotion whereas organic ones have more natural products in it.

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Compared to the non organic lotions, the organics can absorbed faster to human skin therefore it offers more protection from the sun. This is because most organic sunscreen contains natural ingredients such natural herbs, mineral and titanium dioxide. Titanium has the ability to block the harmful effects that comes from the sun and the non-toxic. That is why lotions that contains this, is the best ones to use. These days you can also get organic face sunscreen which can also be used for the whole body. Other than these two types of lotions, people can now find whole foods organic sunscreen which is made from almost all natural food. Until today, only a few people know about organic sunscreen and the advantages that they can get by using it therefore people to read more on organic sunscreen reviews to get more information.

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