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Semi PermanentHair Dye Minims The Hair Damage

Saturday, May 26th 2012. | Hair Care

When you want to avoid the damage of the permanent  hair  dye, you can try to have the semi permanent hair dye,  it will be able to  change your look without need to damage your hair.

If you want to know how you  will be able  to coloring your hair with semi permanent hair dye,  you will need to wash your hair and let it dry. Then make sure  that you comb  it until straight.  Next  apply the hair  dye, put a stick amount of the hair dye in your hair and then  leave it for several minutes  according to the instruction in the package , sometimes the  longer you leave the hair dye the longer it will last. Then remove the hair dye  where you need to wash  your  hair  and apply  the shampoo  where  you get your dyed hair. Another way  where you can change your hair color is trough temporary hair dye. However, before you start  to apply  it, it will better for you  to  know more  about the product  information about it. Besides  it will not last forever you will also able to  cover your gray hair with the temporary hair dye. However, not all of the temporary  hair dye will be suitable for  any type of hair. With many colors and types that you can  choose ,  they are varied  in different form, they are shampoos, gels, sprays, mousse and many more. However, most of all, you will need to  choose the good quality one so that it will not  cause your allergic or make you hair  dry.

semi permanent hair dye

While when you want to  removing semi permanent hair dye the usually  you can try some products where  they are available in   the local drugstores  or even beauty supply stores. You will need to choose the semi permanent hair dye removal   that is oil-based . or you can try some simple ways such as wash your hair  many times and use dye shampoos conditioner, water and hot oil treatment, or after the first twenty four hours of the hair dye, you can  use  lemon juice or vinegar and let it for 10 minute then was it.  In addition, you need to remember that hot water will remove the color. When you want to know how long does semi permanent hair dye last ? The hair semi permanent hair dye usually last for  8 weeks and longer when it has good quality.

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