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Chemical Hair Straightening Damage the Hair More

Monday, June 18th 2012. | Hair Care

Most of  the women want to  have straight hair  by using the chemical hair straightening is the worst thing  that you can do to your hair.

When chemical hair straightening is compared  with flats irons, the chemical  step will  break the protein bonds in hair.  Where  it can be very harmful because not all bond will  be able to repaired. The hair will be weaker  after the straightening . Even though blow drying and ironing are harmful too but they create  less damage  on your hair when it is compared with the chemical.  When you consider having permanent hair straightening  , where the process will stay in your hair  until the hair is cut off or premedical student.  There are several types  of the permanent straightening , the first  process  will take 3-4 hours  where the first  step  you will need to shampoo your hair and let it dry. The hair then decided into sections  give formula and hair protector.  Then you will need  to wait until 20 minutes  than you will need flat iron to straighten  your hair. Then your hair will be applied a neutralizer. then rinse and blow dried.  The next type is  where it uses strong chemical to the hair.  Where it is carefully combed through the hair, then left for 5 to 8 minutes.

chemical hair straightening

For the chemical hair straightening prices, there  are some factors that affected  do the high cost of the chemical hair straightening they are hair condition, treatment life span, and maintenance , where when you have  hair straighten, you will need to visit salon frequently.  While for  you who are looking for the  fast way to straighten  your hair non chemical hair straightening where you can use   hair iron flat iron  or you still able to do it with blow  dry  your hair.  You can  also use hair ironing kit, to get the straight  hair without the help of chemical hair straightening.

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