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Donate Hair For Cancer Guides

Thursday, June 7th 2012. | Hair Care

By hair donation organizations you can donate hair for cancer or other kind of diseaseand make wigs for those who lose their hair because of medical conditions or because of chemotherapy. One of the main diseases that can cause hair loss is cancer. For cancer patients, loosing hair can be quite an upsetting experience especially after having hair for years. In fact losing all your hair can make people feel like they have lost their identity; therefore many organizations try to help these people by making programs such as donate hair for cancerand make wigs for those unfortunate people.

donate hair for cancer

If you some of your hairthan you are able to help those who are suffering cancer. It isn’t something that is hard to do in fact it is easy and simple. Growing hair doesn’t cost you anything;therefore by this opportunity anyone is able to help others who suffer. In order to participate and be able to donate hair for cancer, you will need your hair to be long or at least 10 inches long and not bleached. If you have colored your hair before, you can still donate is as long as you have never used bleach with it. In some organizations you can donate hair for cancer 6 inches or donate hair 8 inches. Usually it depends on the hair organization and the wig maker. The longer your hair is the better it is because many wig makers and hair donation organizations are looking for long hairs. The main reason for this search is because many female patients prefer to wear long wigs rather than the short ones.

Whether you donate hair for cancer kids or adults, the first thing that you must do is clean and rinsesyour hair to make sure that your hair is clean from any chemicals that can cause danger for the patients. Once you have done this, you can send your donation to the organizations by mail or if the location is near you can automatically give it in place. Anyone can donate hair for cancer and can make others feel happier.

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