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Keratin Hair Products Treatments

Wednesday, June 27th 2012. | Hair Care

If you are willing to have healthy and shiny hair, the one product that you should try out is Keratin hair products. Keratin is one of the latest beauty industries that offers many kinds of products for hair, skin and nails. All of their products contain primary protein and natural substance which will be able to make you skin, nails and hair healthier than ever. Compared to all the products that Keratin has, Keratin hair products are the ones that most people use.

Keratin hair products

There are various types of hair products and treatments that Keratin offers for their customer. All the treatments they have are helpful and can help you straighten your hair without damaging it. Keratin hair straightening, a treatment that they offer, provides temporary treatment for straightening your hair. This treatment lasts for about 3 until 5 months, depending on how often you wash and shampoo your hair. Washing your hair does cause the shampoo to wash out a little, so the more you shampoo your hair, usually the faster it will wash out. The cost of this treatment is around $150 per hour, but it really depends on the length of your hair.

Keratin also has liquid Keratin curly hair which is designed especially for those who have curly hairs. These Keratin hair products will help you keep your hair look shiny, healthy, and easy to manage. The product can be used any time and many times you like. The more you use the more benefits that your hair will get. Other than that, there is also Liquid Keratin infusing shampoo which provides elements that will help keep your hair clean, shiny and stay strong.

The main problem that Keratin is facing now is the one ingredient they use in their products which is known as Formaldehyde. That is why many people question whether their products are safe to use or not. Some of the most common Keratin hair treatment side effects that have occurred before are dizziness, hair loss, allergic reaction and skin irritations. So before using any of Keratin products make sure that you know all the effects of keratin hair products.

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