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Lice in Hair in Children

Saturday, June 16th 2012. | Hair Care

It will be so annoying when your children  have lice in hair where they  can make your children suffer  and the lice will make their  friend stay away  from them .

For  you who didn’t  know what  lice in hair , are tiny insects that live on the head and eat the scalps.  When you found in your hair, you will need  to get treatment  right away. Usually the children  are easily  having  the lice. One  of the symptoms  of the head l lice is  itching. how to find lice in hair on  your children  or you yourself, you will need to check the nape of the neck, behind the ears also. The head lice can spread  quickly through  sharing hats, combs, brushes with other.

lice in hair

The way to how to get rid of lice is that  you can take topical products such as shampoo, alcohol-based products,  pill and it will be necessary  to nitpick or comb the children hairs. You can also  take Malathion o.5 % where it is a recommended  treatment for losing the lice in hair . After few minutes of the application the lice and  eggs will be gone and you will need to repeat the process when you see the lice again.  You can  also buy a quality lice treatment, which  is called as pediculicide where you can buy it at the local drug stores and don’t forget the nit comb. Then you need to apply the lice treatment  to the hair where you need to follow  the instruction. Then you will need to  remove the treatment from the hair  as directed. It will be necessary for the patient to change the clothes into clean clothes. Then  you will need to  wait  for 8-12 hours to nit or  comb the dead lice.  If you don’t have enough time to do the lice  treatment  to your children , you can go to some clinics  that offering the service to pick nits out from  your children hair.

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