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Short Messy Hairstyles for Sexy Look

Saturday, June 16th 2012. | Hairstyles

Short messy hairstyles will give you playful, and sexy look.  Use the right styled products  will hold the styles and  you can have more fun.

Short messy hairstyles

The short messy hairstyles is becoming  popular  trend  . When you have short hair means that you need less time to  fix your hair  before you go to work or go out for  some occasions. There are some haircuts  that will be able  to create the short messy hairstyle. The first  is simple shag. Where its as short bob with layers.  Where you can use  styling cream through your hair to give this hairstyle some edge. Play with the pieces to  get your messy look. Next is asymmetrical shag,  you just need styling cream  that can make your look so messy. Then another style is  choppy cuts where it usually for medium hair , but it can also be perfect for the short hair  where for the short, you can try pixie, short bob,  and short shag add dimension, spunk and movement for short hair that you need hairs to hold the look.

Short messy hairstyles 2012

While another  short messy hairstyles that you can try  is waves of wonder  where it will be able to done in hurry. Twist small sections of messy hair and secure the locks, still twisted, with bobby pins or hair elastics; twist at least the top section up in this way and allow to dry.  Then add little hairspray. The next is bed head  where after the shampooing then  applies leave in conditioner , you need to flip the head over and brush the hair.  Then you need to apply  the mousses to the hair closest to the head. Crunch the hair towards the head while cool drying with a blow-dryer to set in the curls. Once dry, flip the hair back over the head, and use a pick to part the hair. The bed head look should be a little frizzy. While another short messy hairstyles are  wind tossed and   beach look  where they are also need less  time to make you look stunning.


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