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The Ways To Style Short Hair

Monday, June 4th 2012. | Hairstyles

Many people think that having short hair is boring and there is no ways to style short hair. That is why almost 75% of women in the world prefer to have long hair rather than short hairs. Well if in this era you still have kind of thought you are very wrong. Even though the number of woman who has long hair is more but many of them are now considering getting short hairs. Short hair will make you look fresher and it is easy to take care of. One of the main reasons why many people are starting to like short hair is because there are many cute ways to style short hair.

ways to style short hair

The easiest way to get ways to style short hair is by looking at a magazine or the internet. These two sources are very complete and they can show you the ways of getting your cute hair. The first short hair style that you will love is the brunette style that made Emma Watson look stunning on the red carpet. This is one of the best ways to style very short hair. If you are interested in this type of hair all you need to prepare are gel hair and some hair spray. The first you have to get this kind of her is by applying an amount of gel to a wet hair. If you want the wet look like Emma had, then side some part of your hair. Comb your hair straight and front side to behind your ears. To make sure that it keeps tight, put on some anti-frizz hairspray. With these simple steps you can get the great style from Emma Watson.

cute ways to style short hair

The next hair style is the bob hairstyle that is known from Jessie J. This a style that suits both thin and ways style short thick hair. All you need to do is cut some of your hair and get some bangs over your eyes. This kind of hair is better for girls that have straight hair. Overall most of the ways to style short hair are very easy to apply but adjust it with the shape of your face.

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