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Female Hair Transplant Tips Female hair transplant techniques are comparatively new phenomena. till quite recently, ladies that had a difficulty with their hair had no choice however to endure their discomfort. there have
July 1st 2011 / read more
How to Make Dirty Hair Look Fresh and Clean Lets admit it, sometimes it is hard to find time to wash your hair. Some situations simply make it impossible. Yet, nobody likes going in public with dirty, greasy
August 7th 2010 / read more
5 Tips on How to Dry Your Hair Naturally Summer is a season when you can forget about your hair dryer for a while. At least, when you are not pressed for time. Beauty experts and hair stylists
June 18th 2010 / read more
How To Naturally Highlight Hair How To Naturally Highlight Hair – Ever wanted to add natural highlights without the damage and expensive trips to the salon?  Here are some natural ways to add highlights using
June 15th 2010 / read more
Mesotherapy for Hair Loss Mesotherapy for hair loss is one of this season’s hottest topics. Anyone goes panicking when encountered with the word baldness! Breastfeeding mothers, stressed out big bosses, office clerks who
April 19th 2010 / read more
Tips For Naturally Beautiful Hair Looking for a more natural approach to hair care? Here are some tips to help your hair look and feel its best. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that contain sodium
April 8th 2010 / read more
Sebbag Essentials Hair Recently, I had the opportunity to try celebrity hair stylist, Eric Sebbag’s all natural hair and body beauty serum.  After using it everyday for over a month now, I’m very impressed!  I’ve tried several organic Argan
January 21st 2010 / read more
Extensions Please? I love this phrase, especially since I desperately rely on it when I’m attempting (but often fail) to act as if I have writer’s block with my English professors
January 17th 2010 / read more